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Jesus Christ Quest

Find out more about Jesus Christ. You need to seek God and discover how important and essential Jesus Christ Is. That's Why This Site  Exists. First things first: read the Bible and don't stop doing so! And pray to God to help you in this effort and quest   to find Him and understand and learn to discern in accordance with His will more and more every day.

My prayers for this site is for it to do a lot of good for the advancement of the kingdom of God. So praying to God to show me what to use well from His Word (= The Bible)(= Jesus Christ). 

People need to understand Jesus by making the decision to really follow Him. We need to generously give access to the Good News so that people can make a  biblically informed decision to follow Jesus without being forced or manipulated to do so.

Think And Pray For This Site's Effect On People Who Are Seeking Or Will Realise That They Want To Seek Him


​7 August 2021

What In This Life And Reality You Live In...?

What in this life and  reality you live in makes you want to  become more loving in a way that has an impact not only on your loved ones and closest friends?  You can think about it and do something about it. But then comes the issue of the purity of one's motives and lasting intentions. Do you want to get busy with good deeds but are not sure about your sincerity or endurance of that sincerity? It's of course better to do something than not to do anything: noted; but what happens after a while? Is my love starting to limp? I need to grow in my  love and get rid of the selfish part that I call love but that is not love. Who gives me the  will to discern and the discernment to will what is infinitely good? Who is like God? Only Jesus is like and one with God and He is the only way to God since He is God who has become as one of us but with no since even though He was exposed to the same temptations and  even some that most of us will not face.

We  work with topics and themes to treat and present with our message carriers and much more.  We believe that you realise the importance of creating and sustaining contacts with people and organisations through your web presence and  social presence.

Edouard Askmo


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