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Your Management Of The Pandemic

Your Management Of Too Much Or Too Little Panic?

How Do You Manage The Pandemic's Causes And Effects?

Do you see yourself as a smart action taker or not? Is the pandemic revealing what good or/and bad you are? Is this a topic make you feel comfortable to hear more about or does it make you want to leave this site? Just asking.

I have followed the news and tried to organize my thinking regarding the pandemic. It is taking lives and that's very serious and should make me pay attention and try to see how I can protect not only myself but others too.

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Edouard Askmo


26 Oct 2020
Trying To Make Sense Of The Pandemic

Are you trying to understand better how to cope and manage the pandemic in your part of the world and in your specific region with you circumstances and life situation.
A lot of things are said about what can be or can't be done. We need to be very constructive and in the same time realistic about what can and what can not be done. If you're rich, you can say things like: "It's like a science fiction film." (Robert De Niro). But when you can't protect yourself from the virus properly and then get good treatment when you have the covid-19, then you will rather say this is the movie you idiotic Robert De Niro.


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