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Writing Online

If you write Online and get no compensation for  doing so,   you enrich others but it costs you time. And you may need  to profit from your writing to be able to sustain your  writing.

There are many ways  for you to get something that allows you to purchase time to write more and your productions can become texts but also videos and much more.

You will probably like to know more about what we do about our texts and videos that we publish and make accessible Online.

Edouard Askmo

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Writing Online Blog

27 Oct 2020

What Makes Us  Want To Write Online?

Good question  or not? I believe it's an ice breaker for some and an over-obvious question for others. What I mean by over-obvious in this context is that the question about what makes us want to write is  an insult or an understatement. For some of us, writing is very important and  indispensable to be able to order our thoughts and also eventually for some our feelings, emotions  and so on. Ice breaker? Some people don't write regularly if they don't have to for work purposes or other unavoidable  reasons.  These people are difficult to understand for those of us  who write as the breath.

26 Oct 2020

When We Understand How Much Writing About Meaningful Topics And Themes Can Do For Others And Ourselves

When we write about important matters humbly we can get the right attention from the right people. The value of that is   huge if we know what to do  of that  attention. Sustaining attention for different purposes is a big part of the deal of writing Online  to get continued deserved attention from which we can derive   momentum for a cause or sales opportunities.

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