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Learning Is A Good Thing - Learning And Earning Is Even A Better Thing

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If one can make learning playful for kids and grown-ups, one has achieved something cool and perhaps even important! You are very appreciated if you help me sell my printables so that I can expand the creation and production of new ones all the time. But what's in it for you? Getting paid for your efforts with money or free membership to a pro account. This is not very complicated but if you're doing well, you may generate some cash. We are looking for very serious people and it's not open for everyone,

What are my printables about?  They are downloadable and printables that can be used for learning or simply as decoration and/or entertainment. 

The philosophy behind these printables is that what can be printed at work and at home is usable and pleasant as well as affordable. Do you try to understand what you need to understand better and better? If so, let your self share learning curves so these can become earning curves for you and others you care about.

Edouard Askmo

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17 Feb 2021

Do You Speak Earning Curve?

Learning is cool but expensive for many people. There is a hunger to learn that is obvious or less obvious inside of us all more or less. If you see that clearly or need to start seeing that with a new light, let me become your éclaireur/the one who shows you the way. If you prefer somebody else to show you how to promote and benefit from printables that are enriching for yourself and others, that's fine with me. I just want you to consider my offer here to become a customer, referrer or even a reseller of my creations and productions.

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