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Things Are Going To Get Tougher, Much Tougher!

Do you want to know how to manage yourself out of the troubles we are getting into?

I'm taking the time to write this because I believe that I can profit of helping people and in some cases even organisations. What's in it for me to help people and derive some kind of profit of it? Well, here is one of the first things. By helping people to connect and cooperate, I can get some good attention and perhaps some support for some of my Online activities.

I work very systematically and passionatly with topic research and evaluations. It is possible to get you to get some attentions by giving you access to some ways to treat and present these topics and themes. I also provide message carriers that can help to give you some continued attention.

Here is what I mean: you get attention for being a good source of topics and themes by making people recognising how you frame and present your communications and contents. This is not only kind of important, it's very important. Not just because I feel so. There is some logic behind it too.

Let me explain that in a way that will hopefully be acceptable and not insult your intelligence.  You need something that makes people recognise you. In some cases it's you and just you. That can be very good. But in some other cases it can be some kind of concept that is reappering here and there that is connected very celarly or more diffusly to your messages, communications and other contents that deserve continued attention. 

An example of that could be something like your message carriers helping people wanting to be more aware of something over time. If you would like to know more about this, I would like you to contact me after having registered to KnowsAbout.com.

Kind regards                                                            Edouard Askmo


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