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Preparedness And Procrastination

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Do You Think About The Things   You   Can Do To Avoid  Procrastination?

How do you see yourself doing the right thing in terms of preparedness to avoid eventual or actual procrastination?

The questions tries to address and deal with a more or less clear correlation between preparedness and procrastination.

We all need to see that we can be procrastinating even if we are well organised and have prepared and plan everything as well as we can. But in the same time, we can not make decisions and action plans if we live disorderly. We handicap ourselves whether we procrastinate or not. We may even look as if we are procrastinating even though we aren't. So how do we marry both good preparations skills and moral with anti-procrastination mindset and measures? 

Edouard Askmo

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28 Dec 2020

28 Dec 2020

When I decided that  I wanted to know more about preparedness and   procrastination I realised that this was another of my projects that I would  be laying on  a shelve  and not expect too much more about. That made me angry or disappointed  or something like that. So I decided to thing carefully about what makes people procrastinate and lack of preparedness.  

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