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Prayers Based On The Word Of God

What are prayers based on the Word of God?

Prayers   Based  On The Word Of God = PBOTWOG

Am I the right person to write about this?  A lot of people could write better about this.  But just now, I'm writing about this matter. I hope to learn much from writing and getting feedback from you. I really sincerely wish to hear back from you: ed(a)knowsabout.com.

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21 Feb 2021 - 2

The  Word Of God Is Jesus Is The Bible

Word =Jesus   = Bible

What really helps us get our prayers right? The willingness to get close to God all the time based and inspired bu His Word = Jesus = The Bible.

21 Feb 2021 - 1

Getting Inspiration From  The Word Of God?

If you read the Bible and don't feel inspiredpray about it to God and be open about it with other disciples of Christ. Jesus and (theHoly Spirit is both pleading/interceding for us when we pray earnestly to God. Today I'm thinking about how Jesus was when he was among us as the Son of Man  (^)(^).  Becoming more and more like Jesus is about learning to know Him by following Him. That's not my opinion, that's a biblical fact.

20 Feb 2021- 2

Really Basing My Prayers On The Word Of  God?

Am I really basing my prayers on the Word of God?  Let us consider   Psalm 119. Who is this positively radical David? Is he exaggerating or is he understanding what I don't understand and discern what I don't discern? Am I  trying to sound humble? No, I'm just telling you and myself that I realise how much more I need to be like a man of God.

Use The Word Of God To Understand God's Will

20 Feb 2021 -1

What makes you want to really use the Word of God to understand God's will for you and others through your loving obedience. It's easier to ask you that question than it is to ask myself that question. Why is that so? Well, there are a lot of things that make it easier to tell others to be more spiritual than to be open with oneself about what one needs to change.

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