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The Creation Of Peptalk Club And Peptal VIP Sites

We are launching Peptalk.Club and Peptalk.Vip. We are looking for people and even groups of people who want to learn and teach sane and honorable peptalking.

If we see pepetalking as some kind of manipulation or any other form of machination to improve the creativity or productivity of a human asset, we are on the wrong path.

We encourage people to know more about what they can do to dig deep in themselves to find pure, authentic and honorable motives before peptalking to any person or group of persons.

This is why we speak about real peptalk rather than dishonorable and vile peptalking.

People tend to play God with themeselves and others not so seldome. That's when abuse of power or falsehood before absuse of power occurs. 

Want to know more about these two new sites? Then contact us after having registered to KnowsAbout.com and let us know why you became a member so that we can treat you well.

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Edouard Askmo


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