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Need Your Help To Promote My Printables!

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Hi there.

I need your help to promote my printables.  So what's in it for you? You can get access to my printables and use or resell creations. But we need to agree on what is and what is not ok to do with these rights. Anyway, I promise no success story or getting rich over one night or so, Not into that kind of business and even if I was, I wouldn't communicate like that about it.

Edouard Askmo

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17 Feb 2021

We Need Your Help To Promote Something

Is this a good way to ask for help? I'm not sure. But one needs to do something to help those who help promote one's stuff. Seems reasonable, don't you think so? The question is: how can this be done in a reliable and profitable way? We work on solutions that are good for those who help us and that we help to help us.

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