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Make Them Barking Hotdogs Get A Reputation

Barking Hotdogs

You don't understand that this site is s the beginning of something big. Not because I tell you but because there is a real need to help people have their say. It may sound like a bad idea but it's not. When you listen to people express their opinions and feelings you can find ways to select what is based on legitimate goodwill and not so goodwill. You need to understand people even if you're not happy with their more or less legitimate frustrations and aspirations.

I wish that helping people have their say is something you also want to promote. You may be a great supporter of democratic systems or not. Letting people have their say is a matter of admitting that you're interested in helping constructive thoughts and ideas to flourish even if you have to plough through a lot of crap. 

Edouard Askmo

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