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Let Us Let God Bless Us

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When we are spiritual in a biblical sense, we would like to make sure that we don't irritate God with religious formulation that are not so humble and resulting of a vision of us that is really in accordance with God's will. Do I see myself as a servant or as some kind of dominator due to this or that  worldly manner of interpreting the Bible?

We need to stop being or even only seeming to be dominant when we say things like "God bless you" and whatever more we say. When we say "you", in these sort of sentences, we tend to be putting ourselves in a leading role and not necessarily in the good sense of the term.

We are servants not dispensers or religious formulations. So I suggest we start to say things like:

"Let us let God bless us."

"Let us enjoy the grace of God."

"Let us enjoy the grace of Jesus."

"Let us enjoy the grace of God in Jesus."

"Let us enjoy the grace of God in His Son Jesus Christ our Lord."

"Let us obey Jesus for more and more spiritual reasons"

"Let us be transformed by Jesus grace and power if we really follow Him."


Edouard Askmo

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4 jan 2021

Attitudes Reflected In How I Speak About And To My Brothers And Sisters In Christ?

What is my attitude when I speak to my friends about the Gospel and how am I when I speak to my brothers and sisters in Christ? This matters! God is seeing all what I think, say and do. He watches me and wants me to learn from his humility when he became like one of us (humans) but without sin. And He knows how He was tempted as we are. He showed us, among other very important things, how to resist against these tempations.

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