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Learning And Earning Curves With My Printables?

Learning Is A Good Thing - Learning And Earning Is Even A Better Thing

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So you want to do something productive of your time and money Online? Good to hear.  I'm not in the business of making promises that may not apply to you.  Trying or even succeeding to manipulate people is not what I'm looking for to do with my short life. People are happy and stable if they know that they are not fooled or taken advantage of. This is not the only "kind of important", it's absolutely essential.

People that can profit with me from my creations and productions need to know that they get what they want if they really need it. 

Edouard Askmo

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18 Feb 2021

Do You Speak Learning/Earning Curves Fluently?

What makes you want to know more about selling printables? I believe that this is a very good question to know how to answer. Since I can make you profit from selling my creations and productions as printables, you will need to see what can be done on your level. You can be loaded with time on your hands that you can use to develop contacts and maintain contacts based on good content allowing you to sell things to them. That's where selling very affordable and useful stuff to them is more recommended. Don't become greedy or be in a hurry, Even if you absolutely need rapid cash, don't show or let yourself be filled with panic: that will lead to mistakes and even worse if you don't watch yourself. So calmly make offers when you've been really enriching to people.

17 Feb 2021

Do You Speak Learning/Earning Curves Fluently?

What is speaking learning/earning curves? It's about earning while you learn. So it will involve sharing to achieve multiplication. Sharing learning curves can lead to multiplication of earning curves if one makes the right decisions and moves.  So what can one sell to people that they really need and want? Printables? Yes!

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