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Being  constructive and positive as long as possible and then some. We need it so much in good and bad times and all in between.


2 Jan 2021

Do  You Think Of What Happens With Your Soul When Biological Life Isn't  More?

So you want to understand more about your soul? I hope it's the case. If you're looking for my personal definition of  what the soul is, I will not give you one before you read the Bible to find out more about our Creator, Saviour and Helper.

2 Jan 2021

What  Makes Us Durably And Expanding And Able To Expend Happiness

Do you really want to know? Good! Read and follow what the Bible says. Not only in terms of morality and good behaviour and so on. But get busy with spreading the  Good News. Read the Bible and make people happy with a  durable and expanding happiness that can be shared and multiplied.

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