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Feeling The Burn Of The Pandemic?

Feeling The Burn Of The Pandemic?

Do we feel the burn of the pandemic? Some try to convince themseleves that thay can play it cool.  We don't need to be  making us worry more  than necessary but we need to be sufficiently aware regarding our duties and obligations. The worship of so called freedom is not the solution.

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Not  Being, Doing,  Managing?

If we are not being, thinking, speaking, doing  and managing the crisis, we are  becoming the surviving or dying victims of it ! Want to know and understand more?

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​We owe it to ourselves to get the right understanding of what is reasonable pandemic panic. We can't just pretend that it's not happening or that we can play it cool. Most people can't totally isolate themselves from the risk of getting the virus. Think about it! It's not always about me, myself and I. We are supposed to be in this together so that we can get out of it together.

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