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Some People Are Not Using Their  Position Of Fame Well


Sad example: Robert De Niro. Find out for yourself. Google it or something..

When do we want to lift of good examples of well used fame?

Lucy Liu 

Edouard Askmo


26  Oct 2020

Being In A Position Of  Fame Doesn't Always Give You Power!

A position of  power can be  behind the scenes by a grey eminence.  A person that is famous can have power or not.    Why is important to understand that thoroughly?  I believe there are a lot of people who assume that fame systematically gives some kind of power. But it's not  systematic. Sometime it helps to get power to be famous. But it's not always so for different reasons and combination effects. 

25 Oct 2020

Influencing  Influencers To Use Their Fame For Good Purposes  And Causes.

That's a good plan. Influence the influencers to  do something smart of the ability they have to use their fame to encourage other  famous people to work for good.

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