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Experienced Miracles In My Life

This Is Written As A Testimony Of How Kind And Patient God Has Been With Me.

I'm very careful before I say anything about this or that being a miracle.
And especially when it's something I've experienced.

Before you read this, know that I can give you much more details about this and a couple of other very concrete things God has done to show me that He wants me to be near Him in good and bad times.
Contact me and ask me for more details regarding this and other things God has shown me. I will be honored to serve your spiritual curiosity. If you want to know more but don't like the idea of having to contact me
personally, I will put a link here for access to a booklet/book I will write especially for you and others who would eventually want to know more.

Here is the deal with what I've experienced that I sincerely really don't think I deserve to have experienced(0).
I've shared it in great detail and some (happily not all) of the saints have had a hard time to believe it (even if they didn't tell it to me with words) which I can understand(1).

There are more astonishing occurrences (responses) than just this event that have happened and where God has been very concrete with his answer to my prayers that are, sadly, so often incomplete and self-focused.
I'm more than happy to share these two others too.
But for now, I will give you access to the most mind blowing prayer answer I've experienced.

It's a very physical and concrete thing that happened that was not of this world but in this world after a night of (written) prayer.
It happened in a public place in a major train station in the capital of Sweden: Stockholm.
And no, I don't hallucinate or go on some prescribed medicine ;-).

The level of supernatural palpability was in the range of Jesus walking on water according to my interpretation of this miracle.
What I was given back was a physical thing that was totally and utterly lost as we were before we were saved.
This object was very indispensable for a job I was just starting on Monday the day after.
Even the way this object was given back to me was really spooky in a good kind of a (literally-coming-from-above) way.

My reaction was deep perplexity (stupid me, man of little faith), not joy at first.
Then only after a while I finally was able to feel joy and then gratitude.

Feel so privileged that this happened to me.
Use this to remind myself to stop complaining or becoming even more ungrateful than I am/can become when I let my flesh or ego dominate.
Know that it's not a fruit of my imagination or any kind of self-inflicted exaggeration or something I recount to make you believe I'm a very spiritual brother.
Done many really stupid things as a disciple of Christ (really sinful things). So I'm not in a position to try to impress or teach anything to anyone of you reading this.

And here comes a very serious seal of warranty that I don't lie or exaggerate about this:
if I lie about this, God will send me to Hell where I would belong if I lied about this or anything else for that matter. Liars don't "make it" to heaven.

Most important of all with this sharing of experienced miracle:
please share what you are completely sure is a miracle that God has made you experience.
That encourages us all!

Thank you for taking of your precious time to read this.
With the tenderness of Christ in mind.
Edouard Askmo
Katrineholm, Sweden.
30th of April 2020 at 03:10

(0) I mean it with no self-pity/self-accusing or any other self-something.

(1) I just pray for those who doubt to believe that God is good and wants to surprise us when we invest time and energy in praying to Him sincerely with
no requirements whatsoever to be given any sign or anything else but just accepting this or that situation that may be materially very stressful but that He can recycle/transform to something
that we need more, much more than what stresses us up more or less legitimately.
He really wants us to have the proof that he provides the most important of everything until we reach the goal of our destinations (heaven): peace in our souls, not only in our minds and hearts, so that we can love and never be distracted or frightened by
or scared by the devil who wants us to lose our intimacy to our Creator, Saviour and Helper/Consolator.


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