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Ed Askmo Design Printables are here to serve a multitude of good purposes for people and organisations who value positive distractions that help gain momentum in different ways. We need to refocus on matters that we work with or are absorbed with. We provide positive distractions. Are there positive distractions? Yes, of course, there are positive distractions. Aren't distraction always negative? No, there are really positive distractions! So get on board to find out more about these constructive and positive things we treat and present on our printables.

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17 Feb 2021

Get Something From or  Through Me!

Is this the right marketing approach to the hearths of new and old subscribers? I'm not sure about that; but, at the same time, it's an honest way to describe the reality of getting busy Online with new and old contacts. The first question is:  In what way can I be useful to you? Without good answers and solutions to that question, I'm wasting your time! That's very easy to understand.

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