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Wanting To Know More About The Biblical Communion

This  site is about communion as described in the Bible.

Here are some passages and verses: link.

Some things you may want to know before you decide if you want to use the information provided on and through this site/growing digital resource:

We will try to give you  biblical reasons to be very serious about the communion as a disciple of Christ. If you're not a disciple of Christ, find out how to become one. Read the Bible and contact us and we will try to give you some good passages and verses.

Don't forget  that  your own reading of the Bible and prayers to God   are very important.

We will never even wish or to force anyone to believe what we believe. Something must happen between you and God and then your realise the importance of fellowship in Christ. In some cases you will be able to see the effects of God's will and  plan in a fellowship of disciples of Christ. It works both ways:

Personally, I 'm very much for you first reading the Bible to discover how supernatural and powerful it is/has and then get interested  in the fellowship that results from obeying it individually and  together with other disciples of Christ.

Reading the Bible because you want to listen and learn from God directly by following Jesus Christ can be the result of you falling in love with the effects of it on a true fellowship of disciples of Christ or/and being fascinated by the Bible.  I, of course,  don't decide about that.

But now you know my preference. I will perhaps try to explain that later on if God allows me to. But again, I'm not God and I realise that.

And again I'm not you, so that could be very different for you. You may need to see the love among Jesus disciples live to motivate you to go and read the Bible with intense passion or at least some enthusiasm. Being only fascinated may not suffice to make you become and remain a disciple of Christ. Jesus wants real followers (disciples of Christ). That I know I can tell you already now.

Could taking the Communion be something done without understanding  it? I don't believe that to be a good thing. That's why this growing resource/site will try to treat the communion topic and theme.

Edouard Askmo


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