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6 July 2022

Who asks the right questions? Somebody who cares about the truth or just somebody who tries to destroy the truth? Asking questions can be a sign of intelligence but not always. So asking intelligent questions may seem to be enough to make progress. But it's about the real intentions of this or that person or organisation asking this or that question that matter.

4 Jan 2021
Knowing More In A Way That Allows Oneself To Understand Deeper

Understanding what matters the most in general and just now is so incredibly important if one wants to really make progress and advance a cause or a business.

4 Jan 2021
Asking Productive Questions To Oneself And Others?

Who wants to know more about asking really productive questions?
If I don't seem to want to make real progress with the kind of question I ask myself, I need the right kind of motivation. Then perhaps will I be able to ask productive questions to other people.

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